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Why do I write blogs?

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Throughout my life, I have been chasing money and financial security.

Almost 99% of us failed...

For my early 20s, I graduated college in New York City, in the east coast of the United States.

Just like everyone in the developed world, we find a job and work the 9-5 life style...

Work was interesting at first, you get to learn many things about people and the business world.

You work hard, and try to climb the corporate ladder like your friends and family have instructed / expected of you.

At one point, you realized you are stuck... most likely for life...

Because of one simple math equation...

Annual Salary x Working Years = life time earnings

With this simple equation, you know, when you work for someone, you are making your boss rich, but you probably can't even afford a decent house at retirement.

What do most of us do?

We try side businesses, or investing, and most of the time we don't look at the statistics.

Here are the statistics:

9 out of 10 businesses failed at the first years upon opening.

9 out of 10 Investors don't make money in the stock market.

Most of us want to think we're that 10%, we're smart, and we can do it.

So, I have tried both, and it turns out I'm just a statistic... I am that 90%...

For my 20s, I have always struggled to get to financial freedom but all without knowing why...

I know there are many people like me who struggles and try to get to a point, where money is no longer an issue.

When money is no longer an issue, we can expand our mind towards more meaningful goals.

As I write this blog, I no longer have the pressure of needing to work to pay bills. I begin to read more about philosophy, and seek a more significant existence in life.

What do I mean by a more significant existence?

I mean doings things that you truly enjoy. Maybe things that would add value to people's life, and make our world just a little bit better than it is...

In my case, I want to do more charity work, and help my community in whatever small ways I can.

I care about people, and doing things that improve people's quality of life gives me meaning, and I enjoy it greatly.

I was given this power by my mentor, and with his permission, I want to share this with all of you that are reading this, and enable you the same kind of choice I was given.

"The ability to live life on your own term, which I believe is the true meaning of freedom."

I know many of us going through life, chasing money without knowing why we do that.

Our thought process is like this for most of the time:

When I make enough money, I would buy that house...

If I make enough money, I would buy that car...

Only if I can hit the lottery, I would buy all that I want, and I would quit my job.

We know what we want to purchase with money, but most of the time we don't know why.

For me, this is clear...

I want to make more money because deep inside, I needed to live life on my own term, a life not dictated by anyone but me.

Realistically, we cannot do everything we want, but we can say no to things we don't want.

This is the true meaning of freedom to me.

I get to have this kind of freedom because I don't have an employer, and I don't have clients I have to report to.

Simply, I write blogs because it helps me clarify my thoughts, and if in the process I can help a few of you get some clarity, and increase your mental faculty, I'll be very pleased.

One benefit about being a full time value investor is that we have a lot of time...

We don't have a work schedule, and we don't have a due date on anything.

What do we do with all that time?

Throughout my years of investment, I have already studied most of the stocks very thoroughly. Therefore, I only spend 1 hour a day on stocks research...

What do I do with the rest of the 23 hours?

Well, I sleep for 6 hours... so I still have 17 hours left...

I commit about 2 hours reading everyday, and maybe 2 hours writing blogs... I still have 13 hours left...

So I exercise for 2 hours, and the rest of the time, I save it for my family, or sometimes charity contribution.

If I feel like traveling, which I often do, I would just pack up and go.

There is not much to think about...

I don't worry about plane ticket price, or hotel cost, as long as it is reasonable... However, I'm not extravagant.

I do not require luxuries, first class ticket, or VIP treatment in order to feel special or important.

My goals when I travel, usually is to expand my mind and to see the world. Enjoy the differences in culture and thoughts contained in people and places.

Extravagant is never in my list of wants...

One thing that I find myself being most extravagant is that I can live in any city around the globe.

I can trade, and write blogs in the evening of Hong Kong, and I can exercise and read books in the calm seaside village in Busan, the next morning.

I can have street food in Taiwan for breakfast, and join a local charity group to help the elderly in the afternoon.

All of this freedom was given to me by Value Investing...

And I want to extend all of this to you...

If you find my message inspiring, or at least helpful! Read on!

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