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March 2021

Another 7%(+$10,460) gained for the month of March. my results are quite consistent!

It takes very little effort for me to get this kind of results.

I was at home reading, and chilling most of the time.

As a Value investor, our job is to find value, and invest in it.

The next and most important thing is:


EPD+ $627.00

WELLS +$4,206.00

VZ +$548.28


APL +$424.00

ABE +$1,260.00

PFE +$720.00

PEP +$1,029.57

Notice that I have no losses on my trades?

Well, because Value investors don't lose money...

Unlike Technical day traders who lose money on a daily basis, value investors hardly lose any money in years.

If you want to know why, please check out my other article below:

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